September 23, 2017

Tour Report: The Secret Command Post

Our three-day tour through the Northeastern part of Germany started exactly one year ago today. Nordgriller Urbex and I had chosen the Recreation Home "Moss Lover's" as our first spot on the way to our main area of exploration.
We had finished the first day with a nice evening at our friend's place where we also spent the night.
As always, we started with a nice little breakfast and then went on our way.
I had a list of spots in the area that we could choose from, but for some reason, it became a bunker tour. Mmmmh...I really like bunkers!
The first spot we had picked for the day was really something. There is only two more facilities of this kind in Germany. In an area that carries a dark piece of history from the Third Reich with it, there is a large subterranean bunker complex built by the East German military as a command post and an intelligence gathering and telephone platform.
There are at least six underground bunkers as well as some above ground buildings.
We had to walk a while on a "nature discovery" path that led us along a fence surrounding the area until we found an opening. Part of the area is still active, althtough we donn't know to what extent, and we quickly went across an open field to find some cover. We quickly found the entrance to the first bunker, and we were surprised that it was still in relatively good condition.
It was the same with the other bunkers. Of course, the copper thieves had found their way into some of the bunkers, but overall, the condition was really good.
We left after we had to jump into the bushes when a car came driving around the corner and we heard people talking not too far away from where we were.
This was one of the most interesting bunker complexes I've had the pleasure to visit until now, and I'm still planning a revisit to check out the parts that we've missed.

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September 14, 2017

Tour Report: Recreation Home "Moss Lover's" [Revisit]

Only a month after the first visit to this abandoned recreation home together with my wife, I returned together with my good friend Nordgriller Urbex.
It was the first location of a three-day tour of the area. We had planned a couple more locations on this first day, but we got stuck in a traffic jam and since we still had a way to go to our "urbex-hotel" (a friend where we're staying whenever we're going exploring in the region of Germany), we decided to skip the other ones and only go for this one due to the nice decay.
It was really late in the afternoon when we got there. The sun was almost setting, so we already had to work with our flashlights in some parts of the building.
The warm twilight of late summer had hundreds, if not thousands, of frogs coming from the lake, and some of them had already reached the recreation home and were jumping around all over the place.
We were finished as the sun had set and the fog came from the lake which made for one or two nice outside shots as we left.

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September 10, 2017

Tour Report: Butter Factory N.

After finishing our exploration of the abandoned inn, we still had a lot of time left, so my friend Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland and I decided to check out a potentially cool, but also risky location, an old butter factory.
So we drove for about an hour, and upon arriving, we saw huge posters on the fence that the area was protected by a security service. Not very reassuring, but we wanted to go take a quick peek nonetheless. We found a place to park that couldn't be seen from the road or the factory building, so we were pretty sure that we wouldn't rise any suspicions.
When we got to the street side of the factory, we saw that there were only bushes seperating the street from the area. No fence, but a large, flat area where you could be spotted just like that. So we decided to take the harder, but less visible way and walk around about half the place to climb over a fence in the back.
One on the premises, we started looking for a way in, but it seemed that there was no access whatsoever. All doors and windows were tightly locked. But the place looked so interesting, we desperately wanted to find a way in...
...which we eventually did. I won't go into the details, but it involved climbing up a chimney and across roofs as well as unstable metal pipes and a courageous jump across an eternal abyss ;)
This way we were at least able to explore the main production and storage facility of the old butter factory. Some buildings remained inaccessible for us.
We didn't leave the way we came in - we left through one of the doors at ground level (which of course we locked behind uns again) and took the easy way through the bushes.

Although we haven't seen anything of a security service,I've heard that other explorers have made different experiences and weren't necessarily greeted as friends...

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September 6, 2017

Tour Report: Old Wine Inn

Somewhere in the North of Germany lies this small abandoned inn right in the middle of a small village. About one year ago, my friend Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland and I to go for a short tour on a rainy Sunday morning, and this location was our first stop.
Finding a place to park that didn't look too suspicious and wasn't too far away wasn't that easy. We decided to be bold and park in a nearby residential street.
After unpacking, we had to wait for someone walking his dog to be out of sight, and we quickly walked to the inn to check for an access point.
After our first look around, it didn't seem easy to get in - all the doors were locked and all the windows seemed closed as well.
Then, we had to hide again from a dow-walkign person passing us by, and from our hiding point, I spotted a window behind some really thick bushes. We had completely overlooked that one. So we walked over, and it was open! We hopped in and found a really nice place with some parts nicely intact and some full of really cool decay. The basement was really nice - there were still a bunch of unopened bottles of wine dating back as far as 1959.

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September 3, 2017

Tour Report: Recreation Home "Moss Lover's"

It was the first out of up until now three times that I've visited this place, and it has some of the coolest decay that I have seen so far.
The day was already hot as hell when we left our friend's house relatively early to head home. We had planned to be home early in the evening to have some time to unpack, but had planned some time to explore the old recreation home that was conveniently enough almost right in our path.
Wen we got to the place, we did a drive-by first to check the situation and look for possible entrances.
The way in that I had planned wasn't going to work out due to neighbors sitting right next to it in their yard. So we had to find another parking place which was a bit farther off, and we had to walk the long way to get to the location.
Naturally, it hadn't cooled down, so in the heat around noon, we walked to the location and there was no shade anywhere. Aceessing the place was easy enough, no fences, gates or even signs anywhere.
Although it was darker inside the buildings, it wasn't significantly cooler - and it was considerably moldier.
Rarely have I seen so much mold and moss in such a small area. The windward side of the contruction itself has drawn so much water over the years that the entire part of the building has turned into mold and moss.
I really wished I'd packed my filter mask. I swore I would remember that the next time around...which of course, I didn't.
Anyway, after checking out the residential part of the place, we looked around and found the rest pretty much trashed, so we went back to the car and drove off to be home in time for drinks ;)

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